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Quit Smoking easily with the help of HypnoSmoking™ 'New Behaviour Conditioning Sessions'…

What I offer is a 'No-Nonsense Hypnotic Quit Smoking Session' which combines cognitive re-programming with hypnotic suggestions to re-condition your subconscious mind to change your habits, therefore helping you to achieve success in quitting smoking much more easily.

The secret of my success in helping people to quit smoking successfully is my understanding of how habits work and how they are formed and changed.

Everyone knows that smoking is a powerful habit, and a habit is something that is conditioned into our minds and into the neural network itself. Habits are formed by streamlining our behaviour to help make things easier for us to do! This is great, of course, when it comes to good habits but the problem is that it also works for bad habits, too.
The good news is that habits are not permanent and can be changed. Going against a habit or trying to use ‘willpower’ against it just simply doesn't work in the long-term. We need to get ‘inside’ the habit in order to change it.

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain has inbuilt plasticity which means that it can be changed or reformed.

Let's face it - people become emotionally attached to being a smoker! Smokers believe that it feels good to smoke and that they enjoy it, that it helps with their confidence, relieves stress and gives them that much needed ‘smoke break’ away from work. It can also become quite sociable and they become part of a separate group of smokers who gather outside buildings and chat while they smoke. Giving up smoking would mean losing membership of the 'smokers club'!

It is true that you would lose something if you gave up smoking! Giving up smoking represents ‘pain’ to most smokers, but 'not giving up' smoking also represents ‘pain’. Smokers constantly try to keep these two opposing ‘pains’ in balance by saying, “I will give up one day”. Or, they deny that smoking is harmful to them, but all the time there is this niggling voice in their heads that says, "I must give up smoking."

I will help you find real motivation to finally quit

I can help you to quit smoking forever; not by teaching you how to use more ‘willpower’ but by simply using the right key that will unlock the door to your freedom from smoking. And this key is understanding habits, how they work and how to change them!
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