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Cheltenham's Foremost Anger Management Specialist

Anger is a big problem in many peoples lives. It can have devastating effects on relationships and children witnessing the adults anger. Most people who get angry blame others for making them angry when in fact the anger is already there within themselves and people spark it off. The source of the anger itself could go back many years.

Anger to some degree is a healthy and normal reaction to danger, to get appropriately angry and in proportion to the activating event is not unhealthy but the problem is when an activating event produces an angry response that is inappropriate and completely out of proportion to what has provoked it.

Angry people will find themselves getting angry much more often than people with a 'normal' degree of appropriate angry responses. It is as if the anger is always there under a thin layer just waiting for something or someone to trigger it. The thing that starts it off could be relatively small or the person who 'starts it off' can receive a whole life time of extreme anger raged upon them. This can be very dangerous for anyone coming into contact with the person suffering from a problem with their anger.

Partners of people with anger problems can live their lives in constant fear and stress never knowing when their partner might 'blast' or 'explode' and why. This causes a great deal of tension and stress to the degree that the angry person becomes impossible to live with. Anger can and often does spill over into violence.

People with an anger problem must get help for their anger eventually as it will lead to the loss of relationships, jobs and even freedom if the person is imprisoned for violence. Getting help with anger is better done sooner rather than later.

I have had 14 years of experience working with people with anger problems and my methods of Anger Management have proven to be very effective in helping to make changes quickly. Why not give a session with me in Cheltenham a try and you will be surprised how quickly things can change!

Anger management is a 6 session course. Total cost is £450.00 payable at the start of the course.
I sought Anger Management when I realised that throughout my life I had been a fundamentally angry person. The realisation finally occurred after another relationship broke down because of my angry outbursts. Anger up to this point had ruined my life! In my first meeting with Gary, he identified the childhood cause of my condition and the reason for my subsequent behaviour pattern. In subsequent meetings he explored other aspects of my character that also had an impact on my anger. The process was all about understanding the cause and becoming aware of the triggers. It then felt like a very straight forward and simple process of dealing with these triggers differently and changing my life-long behaviour. I really feel different now. I am dealing with issues that previously would have caused anger and pain in a much more positive way. Gary`s methods are quite amazing in their simplicity. I wish I`d met him 30 years ago.
Thank you Gary
Mr A.C. Cheltenham
I would not have visited Gary and undertaken the anger management sessions if my wife had not explained to me that I did not now have any choice if we wanted to stay together as a family. I guess that over the last 20 years I did not really feel I was the problem. It was always someone else’s fault when I flayed up and got angry with my family. I did however go to Gary with a totally open mind and a conviction that I would always tell the truth and accept the feedback however hard I might find it. From the very first session I was able to open up and discuss through Gary’s methods with honesty and I knew that this approach would really help. I was going to stop after a couple of sessions as I felt the issues had been discussed but my wife insisted that I continue. We did discuss each session at home afterwards and I came back to Gary with further revelations. In all I had 6 sessions with Gary. I am still unsure what he really did but I know he has transformed my life and my families and I am very grateful indeed. I am especially pleased that my children will at least see me in a new light before they go off to University and I can only hope that I will not have scared them too much. We are much happier at home and are getting on and doing activities together.
Mr M.S. Cheltenham
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